Terms and Conditions

PRAGTRANSFER/Andrey Shalimov,
with registered office at Průběžná 409, Nupaky, zip code 251 01, ev. number: 08386374

The customer who will use PRAGTRANSFER services fully accepts these terms and conditions and by placing an online order or signing an order, contract or approving a confirmed order/reservation declares his express agreement to these terms and conditions. and the terms to which the purchase order or transfer agreement refers. A customer who does not agree to these terms and conditions is not authorized to make any contractual document or online reservation with the company.


The recommended way is to make a reservation online or via e-mail, sms or call us.
Please always make sure you receive an order confirmation. If you have not received it, please let us know.
Reservation of the transfer is possible at least 24 hours before collection.


Free airport transfer waiting time: 60 minutes

Free airport transfer waiting time: 15 minutes


You can choose to pay for your airport transfer by invoice or in advance, or when you are dropped off at your hotel. If you pay in advance online, our driver will be notified by our system and you don't have to do anything else. If you pay on arrival by cash or credit card, you will pay the full amount when you arrive at your destination. We accept CZK, EUR and USD. We accept Visa, Master Card or Maestro credit and debit cards.
Invoice payment terms are 14 weeks from the invoice date.

Payment for return transfer

If you decide to pay the total amount at once or each transfer separately, the driver will issue you a payment confirmation. Before making a reverse transfer, the client must provide the driver with proof of payment.

Payment Confirmation

Online payment - payment confirmation is sent to you.
Tax document - we will issue you a tax document upon request
Payment to the driver - proof of payment provided by the driver


If your tour is canceled for any reason, please email, text or call us at least 24 hours prior to pickup. In order to guarantee a full refund of your payment, you must comply with our terms and conditions. Full price is required if all terms and conditions are not met.

Do you guarantee a refund, compensation or refund?

Yes. In rare cases where we are unable to provide you with the promised transport service in Prague, we will refund you in full. If there is no driver waiting for you at the airport upon arrival, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can find out why and get you a replacement driver immediately. The deadline for clearing the money is 30 days from the date of the transfer.


If you cannot find your driver, please call us immediately on the number provided on your payment confirmation.

These terms are valid from January 1, 2017.